Inspiring Women

This seminar series showcases the work of inspiring women in academia. We invite women from various walks of life to share their research with us and talk to us about their journey in academia.


These talks will be shared online for all women to access, with the permission of the presenter.

There are currently no upcoming seminars.

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Hold Your Own Inspiring Women Seminars

We want to hear from as many inpiring women as possible. The more we share, the more we can learn and grow as a community. Each of these seminars will be published on this website so that you can all watch them and get a little bit of insight into other disciplines as well as into the lives of women in academia. 


We invite you to host a seminar at your own institution and share it with this community of women in higher education. It's simple to organise, just ask a woman in higher education that inspires you  if she'd be interested in sharing her research and her journey with a global community of women in academia.  Book a room & advertise your event - be sure to let us know that you are planning one and we can share the event with the network. It is wise to create an eventbrite booking - we are happy to help you with this.


When it's time for the event, be sure to record it so that you can share it with us.


The structure of the event is as follows:


5 minutes:

The organisers introduce themselves, the event and the speaker.


15 minutes:

The speaker presents the latest research of their choice (making sure that it is accessible to an intelligent audience who may be unfamiliar with their discipline).


15 minutes:

The speaker presents their personal journey. This can take whatever form the speaker wishes but should indicate some of the difficulties they have experienced in their current role in (or journey to) academia.


10 minutes

Question time and discussion around issues raised in the talk.


15 minutes: