The Academic Woman

Provides a platform for women in, or aspiring to be in, academia to access resources, to network, learn, share and embark on a rewarding journey towards professional and personal growth.

Our initial aims are three-fold:


  1. Provide resources:
    To empower, guide and educate women in academia about the 
    structural barriers and gender-related issues preventing gender equality in higher education.


  2. Facilitate a strong and collaborative network of women in academia:
    To encourage supportive discussions in a safe space with the sharing of experiences, opportunities and challenges facing women in academia.


  3. Showcase inspiring women in academia:
    Share their research and how they have overcome challenges, so that we can learn and support one another and have a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding.


The Academic Woman encourages inclusivity, leadership, support, inspiration and mentorship and aims to empower women at all levels in all disciples across academia. These aims will be realised both in-person and online in order to develop meaningful relationships and to share our resources and advice with women across the globe. 


We have big ideas and lots of plans for this network. At the moment we're just getting started. We are a small group of women running this in the few spare moments we have between our work and family.  Watch this space as we are able to add more information, more resources and more events.  We are always looking for feedback, advice, collaborators, volunteers, presenters and hosts.  If you want to help in any way or share your work with the network, please contact us


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